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    Hi! My name is Amy and I show and raise quality rare color Holland Lops. My rabbitry is located in southeast Michigan near the M59/I75 interchange. Take a look at the "Articles" link for a lot of info on rabbit care, breeding, and genetics. I am more than happy to answer any questions you wish to ask me! If you have a rabbit that you want to know what color it is, feel free to email me a picture. It helps me to know the rabbit's color background as well.  So, have fun surfing my site!


I am a member of the Holland Lop Specialty Club (HLRSC), American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), and the Ohio Holland Lop Rabbit Fanciers (OHLRF).

Colors I Have Special Projects Colors in Litters
Black tri-color, orange, cream, sable point, siamese sable, and chocolate tort

(Brokens and solids)

Working on chocolate tri's and lilac tri's In litters I'll get all the colors listed under "colors I have" and: fawn, frosty, smoke pearl, seal, REW, harlequin, & iron gray.


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I am sorry but due to lots of "questionable content" that is really nasty being posted in my guestbook and somehow getting around me and being entered anyway have decided to close it to allowing new entries to be added. I may reopen it in the future. So, feel free to view the guestbook, I have checked all the entries/links still in it. You just can't add an entry.



Yes, I know, only 12 cages! Did I mention I raise all these colors in a very small rabbitry? This allows me to spend time with each rabbit individually and pay them more personal attention. Of course, it also fits in with our county and city zoning laws, as well as my Mom's zoning laws.  Although, I think 12 is the good size for me right now, small enough for me to handle and care for properly without being an overload. (Although if I could have more space I would!)


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