2004 Goals....

My sable variety lines have been coming along well. I have added some smoke pearl does to the mix and it is developing into a really fun and interesting color project. I am getting some great results!! I should be able to have lilac and chocolate tri's in one-two years. My goal is to have those colors and show them at the 2005 HLRSC national convention and the 2005 ARBA national convention!! See you there!


How it all started.... 
     I received my first rabbit when I was 5 years old as a birthday present. She was a Netherland Dwarf doe. I named her Zip, because she liked to zip around the room. When Zip was 7, she died from snuffles, a upper-respiratory infection which causes breathing problems and in some cases turns into pneumonia.
     Six months later, I bought another rabbit from a pet store. This time it was a "mini-lop" and I named "her" Nutmeg. This is when I decided I would never buy a rabbit from a pet store. "She" was a "he" I discovered a month or so later! I showed Nutmeg at our 4-H fair that year, as a Mini Lop in breeds class and I also entered in showmanship. It was here I learned more about a purebred with a pedigree to prove it verses a mixed breed. He placed 6th out of 6 rabbits in his class (BSB) so he didn't have any disqualifications, but he did NOT look like the nice purebred Mini's I saw there! I started to become more involved with rabbits and decided it was time to get a real show rabbit. I sold Nutmeg as a pet.
     This time I decided to get a Holland Lop because they were smaller and I like the 'bulky" look of them. It turned out that our 4-H club leader bred Hollands! She had a litter that would be ready in a month. I was very excited. Finally, a showable pedigreed Holland Lop! I named my new rabbit No-Name.  She was a tort  colored Holland Lop doe. No-Name was going to be a temporary name until I could come up with a better name, but it just stuck! She has placed as high as 2nd  as a junior doe. She has also done well in 4-H.  I placed 3rd in showmanship in 2000, and 4th in 2001 with her.
     In March of 2001, I decided to breed Hollands. My 4-H leader kindly breed No-Name with one of her bucks. No-Name had a litter of 3. I was hooked for good now! In October 2001, I decided it was time to get my own buck and maybe another doe. I started researching cage prices, where I could get good Holland Lops, and other necessities. I also spent many hours working on a breeding plan and budgets. The planning was the majority of the fun! I  found out that most Hollands are torts, so I decided try to breed other colors instead. That created a problem. My 4-H leader had mainly torts, some blacks, and every once-in-a-while blue. I needed a to find a different breeder. I was able to purchase a black buck and a harlequin doe. Obviously, I have a very small rabbitry, but all my rabbits are well cared for and get a lot of TLC. I nicknamed my rabbitry Amy's R&R.
    This year(2002),  I now have a sable point doe, and have also added a tri buck to my rabbitry. I'm this year's Oakland County Rabbit Queen, and my sable point won Best In Show as well. My rabbit consumer education board about color genetics also received Best In Show.