Well Nano for a long time seemed like a peanut. He was ultra-small and slow developmentally. Around month 6 though, he gained a bit of weight and although still under 2 lbs was not as small and peanut-like. He also has numerous Max factor characteristics, leading me to think he may have been a Max factor, or a Max factor peanut and somehow the two combined allowed him to live. Odd, as I've never had Max factor in my lines to my knowledge. Or, it could be some random mutation. Unfortunatly, no one has determined excactly what causes the Max factors nor done any sequencing, so I had no way of testing him.

3 Weeks Old

Nano is the REW (the white one) and is next to a baby from another litter born the same time. He is about 60% smaller at this point. Even though he is 3 weeks old, his eyes are still closed, he is very underdeveloped and has the mobility of a normal week old baby. His fur is about 5.0mm long and is spiky in appearance. The ends are curled some, sort of "velcro-like".

7 Weeks Old

Here Nano is again pictured next to a baby from another litter the same age. He is still about 60% smaller than the average Holland is at this age. His fur has lost some of it's spiky look yet is still very short and quite cottony in feel. He has developed motor skills and can hop around decently well. However he has troubles balancing on his hind feet to clean himself like a 3-4 week old would. He has started to become extremely friendly and loves attention (perhaps he knows he is special :)

13 Weeks Old

Here Nano is by himself, I no longer have any babies from the same age litters to compare him to in a photo. His size has started to catch up a little bit so he is about 50% the size of a normal Holland at this point. His coat is not chewed, this developed pretty quickly after his 7 week photo. Some fur is longer some is shorter, however he does not seem to be molting. It has the spiky look again, and the tips matt easily. It seems similar to the wuzzy mutation. His motor skills are pretty fully developed and he loves standing on his hind legs to look around. When he starts hoping quickly though he sometimes trips over his feet so there still seem to be some coordination problems.

Four Months Old

Aww looking cuter by the week :) I am becoming hopeful that he will survive for long enough to breed him and see if I can get any more like him. His fur has smoothed out. It still sticks out and doesn't really lay flat and as such does matt some. It has a weird texture to it - not cottony but not harsh and wiry either. Remember how big his ears look in the younger photos? Now his head is really growing into them, and if a crown would just develop more he'd have one stunning head. I've noticed though his front legs are curled and not straight (not splayed, but curled in like parenthesis-()-like that, bowlegged I think they call it for cowboys) and his hind feet are as they were when he was younger, very pinched; it is his feet that are pinched at the ankles - not his whole hindquarter/hips like we normally associate with that term. He thrives on attention and is a very adorable little boy. He weighs approximately 0.5 kg.

Four Months #2

I figured out I could put the pictures from my cell phone on my computer :) This is Nano at work, the day of our Christmas party. Hence the festive bow which looked quite handsome on a white bunny. Nano now holds a special place at OBR. Everyone loved him, and he loved the attention! Almost everyone held him at least once :) Henry, our organic chemist, is the one holding him in this photo.