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Please email me for info/questions on sale animals. Often they are sold before they get posted!

For someone looking for a pet, I am usually okay with selling brood/show quality for pets, they are just usually a bit more than a pet quality animal is all. Please review my POLICIES before inquiring about a rabbit. I will assume that you have read and understood them if you contact me. Dwarf hotots make great pets for children (and adults!) as they are small, calm, and inquisitive. Argente bruns are a rare heritage breed of medium size and will rarely be for sale except to other breeders working on preserving them.



Potential show quality junior buck
Born June 3rd to Cassini x Alnitek, he is a chocolate carrier



Broody or pet junior doe
Born June 3rd to Voyager x Jupiter, she is a chocolate carrier, and would pair well with the above buck
Amazing body and depth if you need that, she is a sport, and the ears wont win you awards, but for a "parts doe" she is nice.



pet junior buck with a cute black-tipped ear :)