I can design any graphic that you would like! Click on the links above to see the different types of things I have designed for people in the past. There is a limit of 2 re-do's for graphics, just because I do not charge much at all and therefore I don't have the time for it. However, I will do more re-do's for an extra fee, usually between $2-$5 per webpage or per banner/logo. I have never had to do more than two re-do's for people before. You can email me at: amysrabbitranch@wideopenwest.com or by clicking on the logo in the top next to the links.

What is a re-do? Well, after asking you some questions as to what you would like, I will design the item you want. Then I will email it to you, and you can tell me what you would like changed. That is the first re-do. After I make the changes you want, I will re-email the new version to you. If you still want to see something different, then I will make the changes. This is the second re-do. If you decide that you like any of the previous versions better, that does not count as another re-do. If you want more changes after the 2nd re-do, then that is when the extra fee comes into play.

For projects that involve pictures, I will use pictures that you take and want used if that is preferred.

If you are a not-for-profit organization, I will consider doing whole websites for free, please email for further info.


I cannot guarantee pricing, as every design takes different amounts of work and time. However, here are some estimates for the pricing. To get a better estimate, please email me with what you are interested in so I can help you further. So far I have not had to go outside the estimates with any project and they are quite accurate.

Logos $15-$20

A banner is a sort of logo that goes across the top of all the pages in a website. It is very similar to a logo and can be used as one.


Website Set

In this option I will design a background, titles for pages, links/buttons, a divider bar, and in some cases a banner. I will also include a blank button/link. It is up to the person to set it up on their website and maintain it.

Website Design

In this option I will design a website set (see above) as well as do the initial site set-up. This means all the pages will be started and some of the text and images for the pages. Then it is turned over to the person to update and maintain. I will offer any assistance I can in how to update the site,

$8 per page

**note - this price of $8/page does not include any hosting service! There are many hosting service options from GeoCities (free) to purchasing a domain name. The place I recommend for purchasing a domain name and hosting service from ranges from $30 and up for a year. Email for further details.

T-Shirt design Email for details as each case is different.


To give an idea, on average what I charge is about $6-$7 per hour of work