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Argente Brun

Bruns are a heritage breed. This means they were bred in days past before commercialized livestock and industrial agriculture. Many of them are rare, such as the bruns, and some heritage breeds are at risk due to dwindling population and gene pool. The Argente breeds (bleu, brun, creme, champagne, and noir) are among the oldest of French breeds. They are prized for both their meat and pelt qualities. Bruns are born solid chocolate and get silvering as they grow into their adult coats. The other color variations are born either black, blue, lilac, or orange, and also silver as they grow up.

To pay homage to their heritage, all Bruns in my rabbitry (either purchased without names, or born here) will be given names of French mathematicians and scientists. It also will ring true to my own rabbitry theme of science (all my Dwarf Hotots receive space-themed names as we live in the Rocket City)!

Argente Bruns just passed their third showing at ARBA convention in Oregon! They are the 49th rabbit breed in the ARBA.


Raindeer's Pascal - Senior Buck

Pascal is named after Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, physicist, and inventor who is probably most famous for "Pascal's Triangle" in mathematics, but he also helped laid the foundations for Leibniz in calculus. In the physical sciences he worked on fluids and vaccums, including the study of barometers.

SS Émilie - Senior Doe

Émilie is named after Émilie du Châtelet, a mathematician and physicist who is probably most famous for translatingNewton's Principia Mathematica into French (along with commentary!). In 1737, she authored a paper about her research of fire, which predicted infarred light. She also played a role in the understanding of kinetic energy - that conservation of total energy occurs distinct from momentum. This work was later built on by Euler and Lagrange.