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Fluff is so much fun. Kind of an impulse buy but I've always wanted a Jersey Wooly so I couldn't pass up a deal when I saw one.

Sloan's Pixie
Broken Black Otter Senior Doe

A sweetheart of a doe, she's pretty and she knows it. I can't wait to get a buck to breed her to.

Sadly, I have developed allergies to Satin Angoras and I had to give up on them. It was fun while it lasted.

Lilac Haven's Amarentha
Red Senior Doe

She is my favourite angora so far. I love the satin look, and so far not any harder to care for than the French. I think I will be switching over to the Satin Angoras. I just love how much brighter and shinny they are!

The first Angoras I got were the French, but I decided I wanted to try a Satin too. This is my new beautiful doe that I purchsed at the New Year's Eve show from Annette of Lilac Haven. She has lovely rabbits and she is a great person too. The whole French and Satin Angora group is awesome.