If you purchase three or more, I will ship. I use Frontier Airlines out of the Detroit (DTW) Airport; Things to keep in mind with shipping is that you must pay for: the price of the rabbits, vet certificates of health (approx $15 each), the shipping fee (approx. $100), and a carrier & airline approved kennel for it to fit into with travel dishes (varies by size), and my gas cost to and from the airport (about an hour away). So do plan on about $200 plus the cost of the rabbits. I will only ship when weather permits.


  • Do not change the pedigree for anything other than allowed under ARBA rules. If I find out the pedigree or ear no. has been changed, I will file a formal complaint against the responsible person(s) with the ARBA.

  • To hold a rabbit, I require a deposit that is 50% of the purchase price, and I must receive this within 10 days. The deposit is non-refundable and the rabbit must be picked up within two weeks unless there is a later data agreed upon by both the buyer and myself. After two weeks, the rabbit will go back up for sale. If you choose not to send a deposit, I cannot hold a rabbit for you. The rest of the purchase price is to be paid upon pick-up of the rabbit.

  • I accept cashiers (i.e. certified) checks, money order, or cash only.

  • As these are live animals, I reserve the right to cancel a sale at any time. If I cancel a sale, I will refund a deposit.

  • I am willing to take in pet rabbits that are no longer wanted, or if you purchased one from me and decide you no longer want it. I will place them into new homes as soon as I find them. However, I do ask for the cage and all supplies, including any food you have left, turned in to me along with the rabbit as I do not always have open cage space available. The cage and supplies will stay with the rabbit and be given along with the rabbit to its new owner. And you MUST set up an appointment with me to drop off the rabbit, you may NOT just leave it on my doorstep.

  • Because of the drastic development changes that can be seen on junior animals, I also reserve the right to change the price according to development. I try my best to not do this, but keep in mind that while the price may go up, it may also go down. Just as I should not over-charge for a lesser quality animal, I should not have to under-charge for a higher quality animal.


  • When you purchase a rabbit from me, I guarantee that it is healthy for up to 7 days after it is picked up. After 7 days it is extremely hard to say that the rabbit contracted any illness from my rabbitry. If the rabbit gets sick or dies within 7 days and I am notified within those 7 days along with proof of the illness/death from a vet, I will refund or replace with equal quality based on what I have available at the time and the situation. I will not refund or replace any rabbit that gets sick or died due to but not limited to the following: extreme stress, improper care, improper handling, or improper feeding (no rabbit below the age of 6 months should get fresh veggies and fruit!). If for some reason you are not satisfied, please let me know and we will see what we can work out.

  • I cannot guarantee the adult weight of babies. Weight changes are based on feed and exercise (environment) as much as they are on genetics (inherited). I have no control over the development of a rabbit.

  • When purchasing a young animal you risk how it will develop, both in personality and in type. Babies can stress easily, so I recommend you not handle them for a day or two when they get to your home to give them adjustment time. I HIGHLY recommend both bucks and does are neutered/spayed if they are pets! I also cannot guarantee that a young animal will grow up to meet the standard as outlined by the ARBA as an animal can change greatly as it matures.

  • I will always let you know the strengths and weaknesses of any rabbit  with my best ability. That being said, I am only human and hence I may miss something - it is also up to you, the buyer, to check over the animal and ask any questions you may have!


Pet rabbits are just what they are called: PETS. They most likely have a disqualification, but are still very friendly and a purebred-I do not provide pedigrees with my pet rabbits. $35-$45

  • Brood (breeding) rabbits are either free of disqualifications or may have non-genetic disqualifications. I don’t guarantee that they will produce, as conditions in a rabbitries can vary. If it is stated that the rabbit is "proven", for a buck this means he has sired at least one litter. For a doe, this means that she has successfully raised at least one litter from birth to weaning. "Proven foster" means the doe has not only successfully raised her own litters, she is also a proven foster mom and has accepted babies other than her own to raise. $50 and up

  • Show & 4-H rabbits are free of disqualifications. I cannot guarantee that they will place, as I do not control the judge, the rabbit's maturity, or care. I can only guarantee that when I sell it, it is free of disqualifications and in my best honest opinion the rabbit is ARBA show worthy. $70 and up; I do not differentiate between "show" and "4-H". If you want just a showmanship rabbit and don't need a pedigree, take a look at my pets. Otherwise, I feel 4-H rabbits should be show quality as usually 4-H'ers often start to show ARBA eventually, and some fairs are sanctioned, etc. However, I can give discounts for 4-H'ers and am totally willing to help them out, as long as the 4-Her is taking care of and paying for their own project, not mom and dad!!! I reserve the right to ask for proof of this, such as a letter from the club leader, as I have had adults take ad

    vantage of this saying it is for their kid when it really isn't!

  • While I do keep a notification list for pet and show, note this is a notification list, not a waiting list. I don't keep track of the order people got on it. I just notify everyone on it when I have something for sale.