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I do sell finished projects, if you are interested in something, please email me. Colours are limited and vary. I may have fibres other than Angora available, in both dyed and natural. Each project is unique and 100% handmade.

Hat: $20
Floppy Hat: $25
Neck Scarf: $15

Small Scarf: $30
Large Scarf: $40
Knots: $5 - $10

I am working on doing the whole knot table! Why? Because I like math...and I'm a nerd.

Another floppy hat, made for a friend.
Uses: Red and Chocolate Agouti Satin Angora, Blue, Opal, White, Agouti, and Cream French Angora

A floppy hat and scarf I made.
Uses: Red and Chocolate Agouti Satin Angora, Lilac, White, Fawn, and Cream French Angora

This is Meaux Pas showing off a cardigan that Megan, my friend in Australia, knitted!
Uses: Red Satin Angora, Lilac French Angora, White French Angora, and Fawn French Angora yarn