I have always loved blue eyed whites, and decided to get a couple of Netherland Dwarfs. Luckily, one of my friends who breeds Dwarf Hotots also has BEW Netherlands! My first rabbit ever was actually a Netherland Dwarf that I got when I was 5 years old, so it is kind of neat to have them again!

RHA Windigo
Blue Eye White Sr Buck

This is my first BEW buck, and I think he will make a great herd sire. I'm used to Holland bone so that is the first thing I see on him that I want to fix, is the look of those front legs! He is a little weak in shoulder but other than that a great all-around buck with the cutest head, and of course, blue eyes!


Sunrise's Royal
Blue Eye White Sr Doe

Amazing doe, will fix Windigo's shoulders right up. She has a very nice solid smooth booty and an amazing head. I cannot wait to get babies out of her. She is on the large side, she is solid mass, so I wont be showing her. Babies should be incredible though!