I love fluff, but sadly the Jersey Woolies are even too much fluff for my small space and i need to sell out :( Please let me know if you are interested in them! Great starter animals.

Hartman's Moosey
Siamese Sable Sr Buck
2 G.C. Legs

Moosey is an adorable buck who I hope to grand out shortlynow that his coat is back in! He's my cuddlebunny who loves to snuggle, he's fallen asleep in my arms more than once. And as you can see, he's perfectly adorable too! Of course, the type is fantastic as well, I fault in depth of shoulders and smoothness over HQ's.

Sloan's Pixie
Broken Black Otter Sr. Doe

My first jersey wooly, an impulse buy. Her ears are set a little far back, head is a bit small for balance with her large body, but she is smooth and well filled out. She complements Moosey extreemly well so I hope for good babies from them. :)