Tricolor Story: This is my first color project that started in 2002. However at that time I had a lot of type problems and issues with getting live litters so I culled out of most of my stock and started over. After going through two phases of about a year each with no litters, I found some nice dilute stock (creams and the like) from Kristi of Kristi's Kritters and was able to get things moving again in early 2005. My tri gene comes from Tune's lines which were brought over to Michigan by Mara Spicer, her lines are the ones these tris eventually go back to. At this point I have a lot of Kristi's lines that are Saynora and Tommie based mixed in for the dilute gene, Holland Haven and Rabbit Hill lines for the chocolate.

In 2007 I noticed that I finally had something going - no longer were my tris overweight with slipped crowns, long snipy heads, long shoulders and midsections, pinched and undercut hindquarters. Instead, they were 3-3.08, with those major faults no longer in existence. However, what was still missing (besides nitpicking) is the overall thick bone that really makes the body structure as a whole look massive. At the end of 2007 I started working on bringing those pieces into my lines, using my established agouti lines which are heavily based on the wonderful Tommie stock I got through Kristi's work with it. This year (2008) I had quite a few successful crosses making an "F1" generation that carries tri or nonextension that this winter (and next year) I will be working on pulling back out in the "F2" generation. To see these "F1" animals check out the agouti page.

ARR's Chaya
Chocolate Tricolor Senior Doe

Chaya is my first chocolate tricolor to live past weaning. Her name means "to be alive" in Hebrew, and she is called this for a reason. Her mom, Andromeda, got a GI block the week before she was due and it was touch and go for that week until finally she pulled through and kindled live babies. Chaya was one of her surviving babies. I showed her a few times, and she does okay but is nothing "special" for the show tables so she is now one of my most reliable brood does. She does carry dilute and this will prove helpful as I work for lilac tricolors.

Genotype: Aa bb CC Dd eje Enen

ARR's Trifecta
Blue Tricolor Senior Doe


Trifecta is a small doe but wide. Little light on bone and a slipped crown are her largest faults. She has one first place, but sadly we were missing an exhibitor so no leg was received. She does carry chocolate and is a proven brood doe.

Genotype: Aa Bb Cc dd eje EnEn

ARR's Supersymmetry
Broken Chocolate Orange Jr Doe

She is about 10 weeks old in these photos, and other than narrow shoulders and narrow crown right now she is really nice. I can't wait for her to grow up. I wish these pictures showed better her awesome buck head. And the fat apple cheeks...awww.

Genotype: A_ bb C_ Dd ee Enen

Kristi's Coconut
Cream Senior Doe

I will get pictures soon - this doe is FABULOUS I love her. I can't believe Kristi was going to sell her at convention haha I snatched her up before she left! She is actually full sister to Kay, a broken cream doe I had a lot of luck with two years ago getting excellent babies from. I never got does out of Kay though and eventually had so much going back to her I let her go. I am happy to have Coconut to get some nice creams moving again! In my opinion she is almost the pefect Holland.

Genotype: A_ B_ C_ dd ee enen

ARR's Susan
Black Harlequin Junior Doe

I fault her on ear length and some length of shoulder. Her body is solid though, hindquarters nice and full, and much better bone than any tri stock so far! The head is developing very well, it is almost a buck head and if the ears just balanced better she would be smokin'! She will make a really nice brood doe for me. I will probably repeat this cross!

Genotype: A_ Bb C_ D_ eje enen

ARR's Tigerlion
Lilac Harlequin Junior Buck

He is a little showman, he loves to pose and and extreemly hyper. I wish it was a showable color, because he would rock the tables! It is hard to see the lilac striping, especially on this side (he has more stripes on the other side) but trust me, it is there.

Genotype: A_ bb C_ dd eje enen

ARR's Higgs Boson
Broken Lilac Tort Junior Buck

He is going to be nice...he needs to figure out the pose and his cheeks look really funny in this picture but it's the best I could do because he was not cooperating!

Genotype: aa bb C_ dd ee Enen

ARR's Pumpernickel
Cream Senior Buck
Registered ~ 1 G.C. Leg

He is a very nice buck who is just maturing into his senior buck-ness. His leg is as a senior, and I believe he just needs to mature some more before really competing well. He is a nice balenced solid buck, sure with some faults, but he just lacks the overall mass still to compete as a senior. He is barely a year so we'll see how things go.

Genotype: Aa Bb Cc dd ee enen

ARR's Dedekind
Black Harlequin Junior Buck

Just a turned senior so he gets new photos :) I am happy with the way he is turning out. Other than a slipped crown and could use a wider head and broader chest, he's quite nice. Awesome color too. He will help my tricolor project a lot :)

Genotype: A_ Bb C_ Dd eje enen

Brock's Fallen Ear's Leonardo
Broken Orange Senior Buck

I co-own Leo with Kristi. We saw him in the HLRSC auction at the Grand Rapids convention and just had to have him! He is 1/2 Pitney and a very nice massive buck. He will be a total outcross for me, and I hope it works well. If not...oh well I tried :)

Genotype: Aa BB C_ D_ ee Enen