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My red project started just this past October when I picked up this trio from Kelly Bliven (Roseart Rabbitry) at the 2007 ARBA Convention in Grand Rapids. I already knew I wanted a buck and doe, and ended up bringing home a wideband cream as well; all were F3's going back to Thriantas for the wideband gene. KB's 2x4 was also used multiple times for his superb Holland type. I will be doing some outcrossing as my initial ones from Kelly are pretty tightly linebred. I will introduce chocolate into their lines to clean up any remaining smutt. They will also be crossed with some from my agouti project to hopefully get better undercolor on some of my opals. I eventually may play around with some wideband tricolors too.

NEWS FLASH: I have decided due to limited space and having lots of juniors coming up to let this project rest for now. The type on them is just not where my other stuff is and at this point I don't have space to properly work on them. If I am able to get back into reds, I plan on creating my own line using red Netherland Dwarfs instead of the Thriantas like so many current red Holland lines come from. For now, I am keeping one red F4 buck.

ARR's Enrique
Red Junior Buck

Enrique is named after a friend and coworker who really likes my bunnies but cannot have one :( He is certainly an improvement over the F3's I had here for a bit over the past fall and winter. Gone is the longer Thrianta fur, lower head mount, and un-lopped ears or tight crown. He is an F4 (considered a "pure Holland" now) and while strides have been made, he still lacks a big buck head and the overall width and mass.

Genotype: A_ BB C_ Dd ee enen ww