Agouti Story: I've always really liked lynx. Not creams, lynx. True lynx. The lilac agouti kind. When Wendy & Kendra (Kendra's Little Lop Shop) in Ohio sold out of most their Hollands, I bought their true lynx in Summer 2006. Next thing I knew I needed to do was to step up the type. These were new lines for me (Little Rebels) and I didn't have much to really bred her with. Keith (Holland Haven Rabbitry) helped me out with a really nice chocolate tort buck. I got a few litters, but I kept getting selfs and I wanted agoutis so I could use the offspring in with my tris. Then comes along Tommie's Playboy, an opal buck. Bad thing, he belonged to Kristi. Once she had a opal baby, I knew he was MINE! ha-ha. Thankfully, she did sell him to me :)

The nice thing about Tommie lines is so far they've worked with anything I've crossed them with - and worked extremely well. They have brought in the overall massive "look" that is needed on a Holland. This year (2008) I worked them in with my tricolor line. So, while it may seem that I have gotten very few tris this year, you are correct. Instead, I have a few opals out of my tris (Sungura and Karen), as well as opals and lynxes that can produce tris. Hopefully in 2009 I can sucessfully pull back out these carried genes to produce tris as nice as these agoutis.

ARR's Sungura
Broken Opal Junior Doe

Sungura means simply "rabbit" in Kiswahili, a language spoken in Africa. She just turned senior in these photos. She has a nice topline and full hindquarters, good bone, and cute head with ears just a touch long. She's an adorable feisty little gal. She is out of my tri stock and will be crossed back in with them.

Genotype: A_ B_ C_ dd E_ Enen

ARR's Shimadzu
Chestnut Junior Doe

Shimadzu is a company that makes mass specs and other lab equipment :) I hope they don't mind me borrowing their name. She is a cute little doe with chubby bone, chubby cheeks, and a pretty head/ear/crown package. With a full hindquarter, too. I fault her on shoulder width. Then again, she's only about three months old. I'm not a chestnut fan, but she is too nice not to keep, and she may carry chocolate as well which will make her an asset to my lynx program.

Genotype: A_ B_ C_ Dd E_ enen

ARR's Karen
Opal Junior Doe

Slowly she's coming in to being a nice junior. She is very massive, and I am quite happy about that. She also has a nice "buck" head that is starting to fill out, I just wish she had more width to it. She sadly decided to pull a nail completely out the day after convention entries so she cannot be shown. In a month or so she will start her carrier as purely a brood doe. She is also out of my tri stock.

Genotype: A_ Bb C_ dd E_ enen

ARR's Auger
Opal Senior Doe

I have new pictures now! I love her short bone albeit it is on the thinner side, nice side profile head, wide, solid, and massive body. He shoulders, hindquarters, and head/ear/crown are my favorite things about her. Okay, so that is about everything that counts on a Holland ha-ha. Oh, and she carries chocolate too ;) I fault her on a tight crown and head width.

Genotype: A_ Bb C_ dd E_ enen

ARR's Yang
Lynx Senior Buck

He is now 9 months old and looking supurb! He's a ham :) Hence FOUR pictures - he kept looking at the camera being so cute and adorable...I couldn't pick which photos I liked best! He is my new little up-and-commer buck who just has some maturing to do still. See, you can have nice typey chocolatey goodness! I can wait to hit the show tables this spring with this True Lynx!

Genotype: A_ bb C_ dd Ee enen

ARR's Jesse
Chocolate Agouti Junior Buck

I have finally gotten him to pose, and what a little looker he is! Wide, short, awesome depth, huge chunky head with chubby cheeks. He just needs his crown to be a bit more developed. Again, another excellent example of typey chocolatey goodness! I can't wait to get him out on the show table this April.

Genotype: A_ bb C_ Dd E_ enen

Kristi's Cowboy
Opal Senior Buck

My Tommie line buck :) Isn't he a doll? I just love him. His lines are slow but sure. This buck is the backbone not only of my agouti project but I also integrate him with every other color project I have. He's a spoiled little thing but I don't care, he's my boy!

Genotype: Aa B_ CC dd Ee enen