Please email me for info/questions on sale animals. I do keep a waiting list.

I am located in Northeast Alabama.

The Dwarf Hotot is a small breeds at around 2.5 lbs. I absolutly love them and would highly recomend them for pets even for younger children as they are calm, inquisitive, easy to handle, and are very easy to care for. Although of course, as always young kids should have some help with the care and supervision when handling the rabbits.

For someone looking for a pet, I am usually okay with selling brood/show quality for pets, they are just usually a bit more than a pet quality animal is all.


ARR's Persephone - Senior Doe (almost 3 yrs) - Prooven, just off a litter, consitantly two babies. Beautiful type in every way, an amazing doe. Sadly not showable due to a teeny tiny black dot the size of a pinhead (no joke) on her ear. $50 Possible chocolate carrier but I never really test bred her.


Buck - No bands (pure white, brown eyes) - Chocolate carrier, great body but crazy ears! Pet quality, $45