Bunz & Me

Well it all started when I was five years old and got my first pet bunny. Then, when my family moved to Michigan, I got involved in 4-H and I got a Mini Lop rabbit to show at the fair. My 4-H leader had Holland Lops and showed them in “real” shows - American Rabbit Breeders Association sanctioned shows and they were truly purebreds (unlike my pet store “Mini Lop”). Soon, I got a cute little Holland Lop from her. Eventually, I became interested in working on developing rare colors (I am a science nerd) and in 2000 I started out in that endeavor. I had a lot of success with it and due to moving and other things going on in the show world I sold out of my Holland Lops but I couldn’t leave the bunz forever. A good friend of mine got me to purchase on a whim a little Dwarf Hotot doe, who was born on my birthday! So I promptly named her Amy, of course :) and that was the start of my Dwarf Hotot addiction. They are an awesome breed and I love them. As you can see, they are super adorable! I do raise and show them, and as you may guess my rabbitry website is www.amysrabbitranch.com if you wish to check it out!

So what do I do outside of rabbits and taking cute photos? Well, I’m just a starving graduate student working in a neuroscience lab. I basically get to do SCIENCE! all day long and get paid…almost nothing…for it, but hey, it’s fun and I enjoy it. I enjoy photography a lot and you can find me on Flickr if you wish to see it - most of my photography is actually not rabbits believe it or not! I also do some freelance graphic design work on the side, so feel free to contact me if you want something done!