About a year and a half ago I saw English Spots on a friend's site and fell in love (totally your fault, Amber!). They are just so whacky looking! Plus I thought it would be fun to try a breed where color (well, pattern) actually matters a lot to the judges! Right now I only have one spot, but hopefully I'll get more if I can get more cage space! I would like to do blues and lilacs :)

J&C's Hopalong
Lilac Junior Doe

She is the funniest little doe, after you pick her up she's quite sweet (she's a bit nervous still and runs from my hand). She is extreemly inquisitive and playful, yet she sat on my lap while I was working on the computer a while ago and seemed quite content to chill. If this is the typical 'spot personality, I think I am getting hooked! (Like I need another breed...haha. Anyone have a barn I can have?) I purchased her at the 2008 ARBA Nationals. Now hopefully next Spring I can pawn a breeding off of a local 'spot breeder...