I started with the Dwarf Hotots in the beginning of 2010. Scott Dowling, from Sweet Dreams Rabbitry who I got into Hollands, returned the favour. I was at the MSU spring show March 6th, 2010 looking at Polish. They were all spazzing out on the show table and not being cute and cuddly. So Scott showed me the Dwarf Hotots, and I fell in love.


ARR's Pluto
Black Banded Jr. Buck (chocolate carrier)

Chocolate carrier, I think he is my most promising up-and-comer in quite a while. He's all-around cute! He is going to replace my long term herd buck, Baz. I cannot say enough good things about this little awesome guy both personality wise and type wise. I am looking forward to his continued development!

RHA Orion
Chocolate Banded Sr. Buck

He nees more depth/roundness over his hindquarters (his top kind of flattens out over the hips) but he's an excellent chocolate banded example. All the other parts are there quite nicely, we'll work on the hips. So excited to have him here.

ARR's Alnitak
Chocolate Banded Jr. Buck

He has nice straight hindquarters and full body even as a baby. He is 3 months in these photos and developing well. His bands are very light, but they are complete. ;) A true climber, nothing is too short to be scaled!


ARR's Magnus
Black Banded Sr. Doe

Possible chocolate carrier, and a showey doe! I debated between her and her sister for a while, and when a breeder in Texas contacted me to start a chocolate program of their own I let her sister, a chocolate banded, go. Magnus has a smooth deep body and a cute doe head coming in. She lacks fullness of lower hindquarters and ears slightly longer than I like but I think the head will come in to balance. She has a fiesty personality that reminds me of Amylynn, who is my "baby" and first dwarf hotot, Magnus' granddam. So far she is doing very well on baby patrol; a bit high-strung but takes good care of them.

ARR's Persephone
Black Banded Sr. Doe

This little girl is excellent! One of the nicest bodies I have ever felt on a dwarf hotot. Not much more to say than that! And she's a possible chocolate carrier to boot. I was going to show her and grand her out first (I have no doubts she would have) but it never quite worked out to get to a show in these last few months so I went ahead and bred her. She is the dam to Pluto, my amazing buck who is replacing my current herd sire.

ARR's Saturn
Chocolate Banded Jr. Doe

Very lightly banded, barely complete. She has a really nice body, ears are long and head very doe-like. I am okay with this because the more broody does I find are the best mothers and have the best babies. She had a littler of FOUR her first time around, so I look forward to continued sucess. The ears are easy to catch on the offspring and pet out, and the rest are quite nice looking!

ARR's Arial
Black Banded Sr. Doe

This little girl is turning out great. Little long in body but hopefully that will make her a great mom! While her eyebands have a bit of feathering, they are very thick and densely colored. I am hoping to get some wonderful babies from her soon.