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This is my new little breed because I don't have much space and I'd like to keep showing and breeding a bit. Scott Dowling from Sweet Dreams Rabbitry who I got into Hollands, has now returned the favour. I was at the MSU spring show March 6th, 2010 looking at Polish. They were all spazzing out on the show table and not being cute and cuddly. So Scott showed me the Dwarf Hotots, and I fell in love. I ended up with these two cuties, one is a sport but that's okay, he has really nice type and will make pretty babies. :) Oh, and Amylynn was born on my birthday!

Family Pride's Amylynn
Black Banded Jr. Doe
3 Junior Legs ~ All for BOB

She is the sweetest little thing, and loves to cuddle and is very inquisitive. We had fun swinging and she likes to sit on my shoulder like a bird. I really don't know a ton about Dwarf Hotot type yet, so I'll just stick with she is really adorable. She is doing well at shows and she loves to give kisses and jump off of hights - she is quite the little troublemaker!

CJ's Dove
Chocolate Banded Sr. Doe

Chocolates get a bad reputation for poor type. I can tell you that this chocolate feels very nice! I guess we will see how she does on the show tables though. She has cute bands and is a very nuzzly doe who loves headrubs.

CJ's Paris
Black Banded Sr. Doe

This girl has thick eyebands to spare. She has one BOB and one BOS but apparently there were not enough for a leg as none were issued.

Sher's Poxic
Black Sport Sr. Buck

Is that not the most adorable face EVER? His head and body from what I know is excellent, and I can't wait to breed him.