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Going on a rabbitry visit can and should be a very fun experience for the whole family. Usually, one would go to a rabbitry when looking to purchase a rabbit, although some breeders may allow visitors for other purposes (such as educational to a 4-H group). Whatever your reason to see a rabbitry, it is a good idea to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Every time a breeder allows people into their rabbitry, they risk some things. They risk stressing their rabbits which can in extreme cases cause illness, litters lost due to does no longer taking care of them or aborting a litter, and even injury to their rabbits.
  2. Visitors should try to minimize the amount of noise that they make, as loud noises scare rabbits. Children should be told to use their "indoor voices".
  3. Please, no running in the rabbitry
  4. Do not wander off to different areas, stay with the breeder
  5. Even though rabbits are very friendly critters, they can be startled and nip. Therefore, don't poke your fingers into the cages.
  6. Respect the property, this is their "home" they are allowing you into. Children shouldn't go playing on their swingset, touching everything within reach, etc without expressed permission from the breeder.
  7. If you email a breeder from a position of wanting to buy a rabbit, don't show up and then say "oh sorry I was just looking". If nothing matches with what you are looking for, that is one thing. But do be up-front with what you are looking for so the breeder can help you best.

Breeders love sharing their hobby and will probably talk your ear off about rabbits :) Obviously, most of the above would be more appropriate to explain to younger children, as adults know these things. I rarely have any problems with people who come to my rabbitry, but there are those interesting few which is why I've decided to make this little list of things to keep in mind. If you are concerned with your children getting so excited and "going wild" if they see a ton of rabbits, and you are just looking to buy a pet or something, it may be a good idea to ask if the breeder can choose a few rabbits and bring them into a different area for your children to see.