Great Lakes + Great People = Great Times!

I had the fun of attending the convention, which was only 3 hours away in Grand Rapids, MI. We even made the front page of the Grand Rapids newspaper; we had over 23,000 rabbits entered! I heard rumors it was the third? largest one yet. I believe Peoria, IL was the largest. Feel free to view these images, there are a TON so give this page time to load. If you are interested in a larger copy of the photo for print, please email me and let me know. Please do not just take and use these pictures without my written permission. It's not hard to ask, and I will most likely say yes :) I also have one video, from the HLRSC banquet, the demon bunny! (haha!) but sadly I didn't remember my camera could take short videos until almost the end, and I couldn't figure out how to stop it so the end is jumpy, but anyway, it's funny nonetheless and those who were there should certainly enjoy it. Unfortunately, at my distance the clapping overshadows the hilarious noise it makes but if you listen close at the start you may hear it.

First: The Hotel Room View

This was our view from the Amway Grand, the headquarters hotel. I took these the first night we were there, we didn't get to check in until after the bunnies were all cozy in their coops and we were satisfied they settled we didn't settle until after 10:00pm on Sunday.


The Grounds

These three pictures are just some pretty ones of the grounds the hotel is on.


The Architecture

The architecture was just phenomenal. I'm not an architect by any means, but I was quite impressed. The top middle is the long hallway where all the club booths were set up. Others are just my random attempts at good photography.


The Showroom


This is what we really want, right? The bunnies!! Just some general shots of the whole room, I don't know why I had a thing with the New Zealand sign. Apparently I never got one of the Holland sign, silly me!


Showing Hollands

The Holland judging! I didn't place, but a two of my cards say "NP-Made Cut" I think that means they made top 50? Not bad, considering classes were around 200+ for the ones I was in! Only top 25 were placed for each class. Top left has my opal Mr. Briggs (SJB), top right is just some bunnies, bottom left has my cream Skipper (SSB), bottom right has my opal Cowboy (SSB). I really like these judging coops, I wish we used ones like this all the time. As you can see they stand on wire that sits in a tray almost like a carrier, so if one goes, it doesn't get all over. Plus, they don't hop out!

Hollands - Acting Cute in the Coops

Left to Right: Pegasus acting like a ham - I'll miss him...Skipper asking, "What's up Doc?"...Keith's bkn choc sleeping, head on her paws

L to R: Very cute bkn black who wanted of Christina's Barney looking dandy with his auction sign!

  Mr. Briggs decided to preen himself AFTER the show. I watched him for at least five minutes, every inch must be cleaned properly; OCD?


Presentation Animals

Please correct me if I got any wrong...I didn't pay attention taking pictures!

L to R: Fawn Jersey Wooly, Black Silver Martin Holland Lop, Tort Lionhead

L to R: Golden Palomino, Sable Mini Rex, Copper Mini Satin

L to R: Chocolate? Mini Satin, Chinchilla Mini Satin, Blue Tort Netherland Dwarf


HLRSC Banquet 

L to R: The place setting (hey, it was neat!), Dwayne Scott doing the auction...of the Evil Import Bunny ROFTL (yeah, some of us almost were literally doing that!), and the neat ceiling of the banquet room.


The Auction of the Evil Import Bunny

Sorry for the short clip - this is the first time I figured out I had video on my camera LOL