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Breeding Rabbits
The different ways and theories of the best way to breed, things to think about and consider when breeding, and palpating

Developing a Line
What a "line" is, and hints on how to create your own unique line

Peanuts versus Max Factors
No, we are not talking about a type of nut or makeup

Introduction to Genetics
This is for those who want to start at the begining, it goes over basic genetic concepts needed to understand rabbit color genetics.

Advanced Rabbit Genetics
Gene linkages and some of the more complex interactions for both fur and coat color

Dwarf Hotot Color Genetics
There is a lot of missinformation and complex genetics to get the unique eyeband color. Read to find out the truth, and how you can breed for highest chances of marked offspring! Explanations in a way for both those who know genetics, or those who want "simple English". Holds true for Blanc de Hotots as well

 Color Gene List
A simple list. The gene, what it does, and an example of some colors with that gene.

 Color Genotype List
Another simple list. The color, and the basic genotype.

 Genotyping Rabbits
Step by step instructions on how to determine the genotype of your rabbit. Use the above genotype list as a reference if needed.

 Color Breeding Chart
If all else fails, if the crazy symbols make no more sense than string theory, try this. No codes, no alphabet. Just color names. Origingally written with breeding colour Holland Lops in mind, holds true for what colours are compatable in every breed.

Rabbit Coat Color Biochemistry
If you understand the genetics, and want to dig deeper into why colors look like they do, this is the article for you.

 Rabbit Eye Color Biochemistry
Do you ever wonder why eyes are the color they are? Or why dilute's blue-gray eyes sometimes darken with age? Answers within!

Lutino Genetics
This pretty little breed and special mutation gets its own article.

Color Confusions in Holland Lops: Lynx vs. Cream
This is to settle the whole lynx thing once and for all! A lynx is a lilac agouti, it is not a cream, and it is not a blue tort otter.