Unfortunately, it is hard for me to make it to shows at the moment. Here are the results from the ones that I was able to go to!

**I will be at the Ann Arbor midnight show on June 26th**


7-23-03~Oakland County 4-H Fair Show

BTW's Journey ~ Best Jr. Doe

Holland Haven's Joy II~ 2nd Jr. Doe

Brandenburg's Pharaoh ~ 3rd Sr. Buck

MQ's Skittles ~ 4th Sr. Buck

Sr. Showmanship~6th place           2003 Oakland County Rabbit Queen

2/8/03~Southeast MI R&CBA (Davisburg Show)

MQ's Thumper~14th SSD

MQ's Creamsicle~16th SSD

Brandenburg's Pharaoh~11th SSB

MQ's Skittles~5th BSB

7/23/02~Oakland County 4-H Fair Show

MQ's Thumper ~ Best In Show

ARR's Bambie~2nd SSD

Sr. Showmanship~3rd place           2002 Oakland County Rabbit Queen

6/22/02~Ann Arbor Rabbit Breeders (Midnight Madness)  

ARR's Bambie~11th SJD

MQ's Thumper~9th SJD


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