Please take the time to read through at least the bolded parts if you are purchasing a rabbit. I will provide a copy of this at the time of sale. I only have this list of policies so that way both the buyer and I understand the "rules" and expectations. Farther down are my definitions on the different qualities of rabbits (i.e. show, brood, 4-H, and pet). If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

  1. I will hold a rabbit(s) for up to five business days without a deposit. I must RECEIVE the deposit within the seven business days or the rabbit(s) will go back up for sale. (Under certain circumstances I can work with the buyer if this does not work for them but it must be agreed upon by me.)

  2. I donít consider rabbit(s) sold until I receive a 50% deposit on the price decided on. After I receive the deposit, I will contact you that I have received it. I will only hold the rabbit(s) until the date agreed upon, which must be within two weeks after the day I contact you. Unless, there are changes agreed upon by both the buyer and I BEFORE that date is reached. The 50% deposit is non-refundable and non-exchangeable. If the rabbit(s) is not picked up within the two weeks and there is no date change agreed upon, the rabbit(s) will go back up for sale WITHOUT a refund of the deposit. ***NOTE: a deposit does NOT mean that the rabbit(s) are your property, it just means that I am holding them for you. They are NOT considered sold until I receive full payment. At that time is when they become your property.***

  3. I only accept cash, money order, or certified check. I DO NOT accept personal checks.

  4. I DO NOT ship any of my rabbit(s). (I will consider it if you do not live in the continental United States-please email me if you apply to this and we can discuss the option.)

  5. If a third party becomes involved in the transportation, the time limits still apply. If a third party picks up the rabbit(s), once the rabbit(s) leaves my hands, I will not be held liable in any way for problems that arise.

  6. I guarantee that the rabbit is healthy and free of any illnesses or disease for one week after the purchase date. Any problems with health before 1 week from the purchase date, I will be more than willing to work out an even trade or reimbursement. Note that I must be notified of the problem WITHIN that week! Any thing brought to my attention after those two weeks will not be reimbursed or be traded. I require veterinarian verification of any illness or death due to illness.

  7. If a rabbit is sold, with a non-contagious health issue (such as, but not limited to, splay legs), the buyer will know this before the sale. Therefore, I will NOT refund or replace the rabbit if the buyer decides they do not want the rabbit anymore, no matter how long of time has passed since the sale. If I have cage space, I will accept the rabbit back, but there will be no compensation.
  8. One weeks from purchase date, I will not give any refunds or exchanges for a returned rabbit under any circumstances.

  9. I DO NOT guarantee that a rabbit sold as a junior will fall within the senior weight range! Weight changes can be feed and exercise related and I cannot be held responsible for what happens outside of my care.

  10. If selling a rabbit and I say it has show potential, this means that in my honest opinion the rabbit is worthy to be shown at ARBA shows. This does NOT mean that the rabbit will win or even place! It just means that in my experience, the rabbit will be a good show rabbit.

  11. All sales are final and to be carried out as originally agreed upon and the buyer may not in any way change or alter any pedigrees given at the time of sale (other than that allowed by the ARBA guidelines or that rabbits weight if applicable). If the buyer sells, trades, returns to me, or gifts the rabbit(s) as a pedigreed animal, the original pedigrees given by us must accompany that rabbit(s). If any changes or alterations (other than according to ARBA guidelines) are made to the pedigree & I find out it has been done, I will file a complaint against the responsible person(s) with the ARBA.

  12. The buyer is responsible at the time of pick-up to check the rabbit over for disqualifications. I will do my very best to tell you any disqualifications, but I am human. If I miss something and the buyer does not catch it at time of pick-up, no refunds or exchanges will be made. Show and 4-H rabbits I sell will to my knowledge be free of disqualifications. Brood and pet may have disqualifications, as stated in my quality definitions.

  13. I am always willing to answer and questions or concerns-just e-mail me at: and my website is:

Pet rabbits are just what they are called: PETS. They most likely have a disqualification, but are still very friendly and a purebred-I will provide pedigrees for pet quality rabbits if requested for a $5 extra charge on sale price.

4-H/FFA rabbits are good rabbits that will make terrific pets, and also do well in the smaller shows such as 4-H. They also have been worked with on showmanship and would work well in that type of environment. They might not do well in sanctioned ARBA shows, but they are free of disqualifications are very good representations of the Holland Lop breed.

Brood (breeding) rabbits are usually show able, just not quite as good as some of the others. They are best just used for breeding purposes. They may, but not necessarily, have NON-GENETIC disqualifications or problems such as nick in the ear or chipped tooth. I donít guarantee that they will produce, as conditions in a rabbitry vary.

Show rabbits are rabbits that are meant to be shown at ARBA shows, are excellent representations of the Holland Lop breed, and when older probably would be good for breeding. They are free of disqualifications.