Please check the "Litters" page for babies who may be for sale soon when they are weaned! There are litters due soon as well so please keep checking back! Scroll down if you would like to be placed on my waiting list for a Holland Lop.

*Remember that I can't ship at this time, although I'm willing to work out a meeting point halfway within reason or can deliver to shows I am going to.*


Tri-colors start at $90  ~*~  Harlequins start at $50

Most of my rabbits are $20- $60 depending on type & color
Show rabbits usually cost $45 and higher
4-H (showmanship rabbits) start at $40
Brood does/bucks start at $35
Pets are $15-$20
"colors" tend to cost more than black and tort

Please read my "Policies" page!!!-thanks!

If you would like me to place you on a waiting list for a Holland Lop, please e-mail me your:
Email Address
Phone Number
Color Preferences
Buck or Doe
Quality (show, brood, 4-H, or pet)
The way my waiting list works is that I will keep you on it for a month after you ask to be placed on it. After a month if I have not heard from you then you will be automatically deleted. If I do hear from you, then you will be kept on for at least another month, and so on and so forth. I am sorry I have to do that but in the past I have had troubles with people responding to my emails so I have had to implement that policy. I am very sorry if that inconveniences you in any way.

You are more than welcome to search and buy a rabbit from a different breeder while you are on my waiting list-the only thing I ask is that you email me and let me know if you do not wish to remain on my waiting list.


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