Working on blue tri's, chocolate tri's, and lilac tri's


Holland Haven's Joy II-SJD

Chocolate Tort
Holland Haven's Yugi x Holland Haven's Cameo

Joy is my first step in getting into the chocolate varieties, and eventually chocolate/orange tri-colors. She's a great little doe who just needs her crown to be a bit higher up on her head but other than that is terrific!

Genotype: aa bb Cc(chl) D_ ee


Kendra's Angie-BJD

Broken Orange

Nelson's Leopold x Crossroads Peaches

I'm excited to be bringing in some new lines from Kendra's Little Lop Shop! Angie is a awesome little broken orange. Her coloring is nice and clean too. I think she will fit well into my breeding program.

Genotype: AA B_ C_ D_ ee


Spicer's Hailey-SSD
Blue/Fawn Harlequin
Reardon's Zues x Tune's Harley

Haley is my first blue harlequin. She is a proven brood doe. I can't wait to see what I get from her! (sorry for bad picture she was in a bad mood!)

Genotype: Aa B- C- dd e(j)e enen




Chey's Donyelle-BSD
Blue/Fawn Tri-color
Aerica's Renegade x Little Rebel's Skye

Donyelle is a really nice blue/fawn tri color doe. She's got a really good head for a tri, but she lacks in the HQ's. But she has really good width from shoulders to HQ's.

Genotype: Aa B- C- dd e(j)e Enen




Sable Points, Siamese Sables, and Smoke Pearls


Kendra's Maybellene (SSD)
Smoke Pearl
Campo's Teague x Sanyora's Tippy

I like to call her "May" for short. She's an awesome looking smoke pearl. She is 1/4 Sanyora and almost 1/2 Campo. It shows! I can't wait to see what I can get from her. I really would like to show her as well.

Genotype: aa B_ c(chl)c dd Ee enen


Thoma's Precious-SSD

Smoke Pearl

KC's Smokey x HH's CHIN

Precious is a nice looking' young doe! She's nice and solid. She has a terrific head. All in all she's a wonderful little typey doe!

Genotype: aa Bb c(chl)c dd E- enen



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