This page is dedicated to my special rabbits who have passed away.


DOD: 10-12-99


Zip was my very first rabbit. She was a Netherland Dwarf mix. I received her as a gift for my 5th birthday. In early 1998, she came down with a cold that lead to pneumonia eventually. In Oct. of 1999 she was barely breathing so I took her to the vet to be put down.

Russ' No-Name

DOD: winter 2001


No-Name was my very first Holland. A tort, but still very special. She was my first show rabbit and is the one that got me very interested in breeding and showing. She had one live litter for me, one of which that I know is still alive :o)

MQ's Thumper

DOD: winter 2002


Thumper was my first sable point doe, and the start of my interest in the sable varieties. After 3 dead litters though, I decided to sell her as a pet. When I received word that she had died, it was still upsetting because she had been my first sable point and I had grown attached to her.

BTW's Journey

DOD: 3-7-04


Journey was a very special rabbit. Her name fits her well as she traveled all the way from southern Ohio to me. She was my second sable point doe, and I was blessed enough to get one litter from her before she died suddenly and unexpectedly. There were no warning signs until it was too late to save her. I will miss her dearly.