ARRIVING SOON ~ Broken Jr. Sable Point

ARR's Herald-(SJB)


Brandenburg's Pharaoh x BTW's Journey

Woohoo! I am crazy about this new boy in the barn! Great type, short ears, terrific crown, wonderful width all the way with a nice wide big head! This is what I like to see! If he had stayed totally posed while I took the picture his HQ's would look a lot better too. (the flash made  him look lighter-he is a seal)


Genotype: aa B_ c(chl)c D_E_ enen



MQ's Pharaoh (SSB-reg)


Ridenour's White Knight x Ridenour's Precious Baby

He's a registered siamese sable, and a very nice one at that! I'm very lucky to have him. His head is that classic Holland head, and he's nice and small too. I can't wait until I gets some litters from him!

Genotype: aa B- c(chl)c D- Ee enen



MQ's Skittles (BSB-reg)

MQ's Dreamcatcher x Spicer's Carly

Skittles is the start of my tri-color lines. He is even doing well at shows, always in the top 5 of his class. He has the personality of a dog-always greeting me and wanting to be held and petted. He's part bird too-he likes to sit on my shoulder while I walk around, watch TV, etc. :o)

Genotype: Aa B- C- D- e(j)e Enen


RAP's Stinker (SSB)

Disney x RAP's Eve

Stinker is a cute little lilac tort. He could just use shorter ears and wider head. He's a good buck though. He will help me with getting my lilac tri-colors. If all goes well, now I will have lilac tri's and chocolate tri's at the 2005 ARBA convention. :o)

Genotype: aa bb C_ dd ee enen


ARR's Tulip (SSB)

Ridenour's Sphinx x Spicer's Laura

Tulip has massive bones and I can really use that in my lines. He just has that all-around massive look that I like in Hollands. He's an attention hog too. :o) (no-he's NOT a tort!! The color got a bit washed.)


Genotype: Aa B_C_D_e(j)e enen


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