These are all articles I have written through my experience and learning. Feel free to email me your comments, input, or ideas for other articles if you wish. I hope that what I have here helps you as it has helped me.

General Topics
Different Breeds Origin of the Holland Lop Caring for a Rabbit 101
Breeding and Genetics
Genetics "in English" Color Genes in Rabbits Genotyping Rabbits
Peanuts vs. Max Factors Breeding Techniques Pros & Cons of Color Projects
Developing a "Line" Cull Doesn't Always Mean "Kill" Rabbit Coat Color Biochemistry


DISCLAIMER: Any info about diseases are in no way a substitute for qualified medical care and I will NOT be held liable for any action taken. They are ONLY here to give basic ideas about some of the different diseases and possible treatments. If your rabbit is sick consult a qualified veterinarian!

Coccidiosis Ear & Fur Mites (Mucoid) Enteritis
Eye Infection (Conjunctivitis) Heat Stroke Mange
Malocclusion Hair Blockage Myxomatosis
Red Urine Ringworm "Snuffles"
"Splay Legs" Broken Spine Sore Hocks
Wet Dewlap Worms Wry Neck
Vent Disease Urine Scald Viral Hemorrhagic Disease


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Some info in some of these articles is from the ARBA's Official Guidebook, the Standard of Perfection, and Story's Guide to Raising Better Rabbits. Nothing is directly quoted though and they were only occasionally used for reference.